Dedicated trained volunteers are answering the incoming phone calls. All volunteers have a strong agricultural background.

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Why Peer Counseling?

by Andy Fisher, Ph.D. Peer-counselling is counselling by non-professional peers, who together form a supportive community. We live in a society which in many ways isolates us and subjects us to norms of behaviour which Read more…

Strategies to Control Stress

Introduction There are many sources of stress in our everyday lives. Often these stresses are beyond our control. While it may seem simpler to ignore the stress, in the long run you’re actually creating more Read more…

Simple Ways To Manage Stress

As the stresses involved in agriculture continue to increase, farmers are forced to deal with many more difficult situations. Stress not only affects how we think or how we concentrate on things, but it also Read more…


The Farm Line Support Service is a not-for-profit organization, and was incorporated in 2004. Charitable status was received in 2005. The Farm Line Support Service is currently funded by memberships, donations, project funding and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. Collins Barrow, Chartered Accountant, handles the organization's finances.

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