Balancing Balance time at work & home. Accept the good with the bad.
Conflict Resolution Look for win/win solutions. Forgive readily.
Esteem-Building Build good family feelings. Focus on personal strengths.
Flexibility Take on new family roles. Stay open to change.
Networking Develop friendships with other families. Make use of community resources.
Togetherness Take time to be together. Build family traditions. Express affection.
Affirmation Believe in yourself. Trust others. Give compliments.
Assertiveness State your needs and wants. Say “no” respectfully.
Contact Make new friends. Really listen to others.
Expression Show feelings. Share feelings.
Limits Accept others boundaries. Drop some involvements.
Linking Share problems with others. Ask for support from family/friends.
Imagination Look for the humour. Anticipate the future.
Life Planning Set clear goals. Plan for the future.
Organizing Take charge. Make order. Don’t let things pile up.
Problem-solving Solve it yourself. Seek outside help. Tackle problems head on.
Relabeling Change perspectives. Look for good in a bad situation.
Time Management Focus on top priorities. Work smarter, not harder.
BioFeedback Listen to your body. Know your physical limitations
Exercise Pursue physical fitness. Jog. Swim. Dance. Walk.
Nourishment Eat for health. Limit use of alcohol.
Relaxation Tense and relax each muscle. Take a warm bath. Breathe deeply.
Self-Care Energize your work and play. Strive for self-improvement.
Stretching Take short stretch breaks throughout your day.
Commitment Take up a worthy cause. Say “yes”. Invest yourself meaningfully.
Faith Find purpose and meaning. Trust God.
Prayer Confess. Ask forgiveness. Pray for others. Give thanks.
Surrender Let go of problems. Learn to live with the situation.
Vauling Set priorities. Be consistent. Spend time and energy wisely.
Worship Share beliefs with others. Put faith into action.
Getaways Spend time alone. See a movie. Daydream
Hobbies Write. Paint. Remodel. Create something
Learning Take a class. Read. Join a club
Music Play an instrument. Sing. Listen to the stereo
Play Play a game. Goof off. Go out friends.
Work Tackle a new project. Keep busy. Volunteer

Source: Journal of Humanistic Psychology 

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